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The Cleveland Archaeological Society Student Internship in Archaeology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Program Dates: June 9 to August 2, 2019

This eight-week internship will give a deserving Ohio college student the opportunity to receive specialized training in field archaeology and laboratory analysis through active participation in the Museum’s research program in prehistoric archaeology. During the first four weeks of the program (Sundays through Thursdays), the intern will assist CMNH Archaeology staff in the excavation of the Heckelman site, a prehistoric Native American settlement located near Milan, Ohio and receive advanced instruction in all aspects of field research.  Room and board expenses during the four-week field season will be covered by the internship if the intern lives beyond commuting distance.  After returning from the field, the intern will participate in a four-week (Mondays through Fridays) program of laboratory work and research at the Museum which will provide experience in basic museum cataloging procedures as well as research on selected artifact collections. The intern is responsible for his/her own lodging and expenses during the four-week laboratory portion of the program. The project will conclude with a summary report of internship activities to be submitted to the Curator of Archaeology and the program sponsor.  For his/her participation, the intern will receive payment in the amount of $11.00 per hour for the eight-week program.


To apply for this unique opportunity, complete the application and return via e-mail to or mail it to: Dr. Brian G. Redmond, Dept. of Archaeology, The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, 1 Wade Oval Dr., University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio 44106-1767. Preference will be given to applicants with some previous archaeological field experience. 

Information on past Museum field programs is available at and

For more information phone (216) 231-4600, ext. 3301 or e-mail Dr. Brian RedmondThe deadline for receipt of applications and recommendation letters is March 15, 2019.

2019 Emily Ratvasky Miami Univeristy (Oxford, OH) (Emily’s CAS Internship Report coming soon)
2018 Jacob Kordeleski Case Western Reserve University (for Jacob’s CAS Internship Report, click here)
2017 Amelia Bell Mercyhurst University (for Amelia’s CAS Internship Report, click here)
2016 Kelly Plevniak SUNY Buffalo (for Kelly’s CAS Internship Report, click here)
2015 Zaakiyah A. Cua Youngstown State University (for Zaakiyah’s CAS Internship Report, click here)
2014 Amanda Ponomarenko The Ohio State University (for Amanda’s CAS Internships Report, click here)
2013 Nathan Klembara Mercyhurst University
2012 Jamie Graham Heidelberg University (for Jamie’s CAS Internship Report, click here
2011 Catherine Gullett The College of Wooster (for Catherine’s CAS Internship Report, click here)
2010 Zachary Kascak Cleveland State University (for Zachary’s CAS Internship Report, click here)
2009 Sarah V. Byrd Case Western Reserve University (for Sarah’s CAS Internship Report, click here)
2008 Ciera Herron Case Western Reserve University (for Ciera’s CAS Internship Report, click here)
2007 Emily Culver Beloit College (for Emily’s CAS Internship Report, click here)
2006 Samantha Blatt Ohio State University
2005 Angela Hood Ohio University (for Angela’s CAS Internship Report, click here)
2004 Kevin C. Nolan Kent State University (for Kevin’s CAS Internship Report, click here)
2003 Metin I Eren Harvard College
2002 Kirk E. Olmstead University of Akron
2001 Benjamin W. Heinlen Kent State University
2000 Jodie L. Erickson Ohio University

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